online teaching?

Online Teaching involves a deliberate planning, delivery and evaluation of students learning outcome with the aim of helping students master the subject matter. If you join our team you will receive a free training and Certification on how to teach online. 

After the training, you are supposed to perform three interrelated activities with the support of our dedicated technical, editorial and pedagogical experts. 

The first and the larges part is the design and creation of digital course contents for your course. The digital content should be motivating, pedagogical and complete for students to learn with the absence of course creator or teacher. 

The second is a remote support where you will meet your students using one of the video conferencing tools to discuss and answer their questions on your course. This is also known as tutorial session and usually conducted three times in every semester. 

The last one is the measurement and evaluation of your students achievement.  This can be done in two ways. First, you will design and include several objective type tests with their solutions and feedback in the LMS at the end of every week. These quizzes are scheduled to be administered exactly at the same time and are always marked by the system. Because students will get automatic feedback immediately at the end of the test, you do not have to do anything with these tests unless students have a specific problem. second, if your subject demands a subjective type of test, you can use the plagiarism checker software (turnitin) embedded in our LMS to first check if the work is not copied from internet sources followed by manual evaluation. 

How much Do I get paid?

Unlike the traditional college business architecture in which course instructors are paid a fixed salary at the end of every month; Paradigm University introduced a new model of business in which Online Course Creators will be paid varied amount based on the number of courses the teacher designed and the numbers of  students registered to take the courses under consideration.

Professors will be given contract to one or more courses to develop the digital course content, upload on the online Learning Management System; and remotely support enrolled students two or three times per semester on their course according to the colleges academic calendar. The college in return will give contractors lifetime opportunity to benefit from their course. 

For instance, let us assume that a scholar creates two digital courses with our LMS, and 50 students are registered to take the courses in all the four quarters entry batch. In this context, he/she would get a net income of ETB 105,000 per year. However, we have to note that teacher’s income will also increase with the increase in the number of students.  This means if the number of students enrolled doubled his income would be ETB 210,000 and when it is tripled it would be ETB 330,000.

To learn more, please click the following button to consider the illustration about the Annual Income Summary of Example of an imaginary professor called Green.

teach with us

Due to its unique features, online College demands a different way of business interaction between course creators, teachers and tutors. The New business model of Paradigm University has been optimized to increase the revenue of our professors; and to secure the quality of education through continuous methodological and knowledge updates . 

In other words, if you become an Online Course teacher, you are not a mere employees of the college who get paid a fixed amount of wage. But, you are the  owner of your own course. You will publish your digital content in our Online Learning Management System (LMS), update it whenever new scientific or research discoveries are added to the knowledge system of your expertise;  and get paid substantial amount of money every term based on the number of students who are registered to take the course you designed. Once, you start earning, you will continue to get  paid  even after you retired. 

Professors' benefit

Professors are the authors and lifetime owners of their own intellectual property

Professors can make money year to year once they published their Digital content on Paradigm Online Learning Management System (LMS).

Professors has full right to get the business of MA thesis and PhD dissertation supervisor-ship in their respective department

Professors can get 50% discount if they themselves, their siblings or their family members would like to join Paradigm College in any Program.

Professors shall have the rights on their department’s activities including inviting new contractors and opening new programs.

Professors shall serve as the head of their department or represent their department in conferences or the college’s senate assembly.

Professors shall call meeting or participate on video conferences on issues related to their course or department

If the professors are unable to give live tutorial sessions for their posted course due to disability, health problems, they will be allowed to get benefits minus tutorial payment amount to be paid other professor. This is possible if the contractor announce to the college administration ahead of time.

In case the Professors deceased, his family members or his legal inheritor will be entitled to receive the payment gained through his digital or printed content.

Professors have the possibility to get annual bonus whenever the company records higher profit margin.

invest with us

If you would like to earn even more than what you can make from your courses, we are glad to make you part of our team. 

Currently, we are inviting interested investors to invest with Paradigm University. we have left a handful of holdings each with ETB 100, 000. If you would like to join us and become owner of the University, just buy a minimum of one share. you will enjoy the benefit of your academic engagement and investment return at the same time. 


frequently asked questions

There are to ways to work with Paradigm University. The first one is by becoming investor and owner of the business. The requirement for this is simple: just buy at least one share holding with 30,000 Ethiopian Birr before the end of August, 2020. 

The second one is becoming a faculty member to teach online. For this you don’t need to pay cash. but you will contribute in kind by creating a digital content for online Course. The requirement is you need to have a PhD or Masters Degree; and few years of teaching or research experience in your area of specialization.

You will do the business from your home or your office whenever it is convenient for you. Just like any book author or an artist, you, as a scholar have the legal right to produce academic publications with digital and printed formats to be used by any institute or individuals.

We are here to help you publishing the Course materials in your expertise to teach a specific course based on the curriculum approved by the Federal Higher Education Relevance and Quality Assurance. Up on completion, we will put your course books and online courses contents in our Learning Management System portal to provide our students with quality distance education. In other words, our college will serve as an online Market Place to enable you sell your intellectual property to students of our college and students of the wider network of colleges under our affiliation. 

You do not have to worry about sale process. It is our job to collect the money and deposit your agreed amount of payments directly to your bank account. And, you will harness our state of the art technology web portal to track down every single sale of your intellectual asset from the comfort of your home or office.

You are an independent contractor; but not an employee. Thus, you will pay your tax under your individual TIN number as an independent contractor according to the tax schedule set by the Federal government.  For your convenience, we can also deduct the standard amount and submit to Ministry of Finance under your name if you agreed to do so.

If you develop digital content for two courses on Paradigm University’s LMS, and 50 students learn from your courses in every term, you will make a net amount of ETB 105,000 a minimum annually. However, as your payment is calculated based on the number of students who learn from your digital course, your annual revenue could be as high as 800,000 (if 200 students are resisted to take your course).   Once you join our team, you will enjoy the financial benefits of your hard work to the rest of your life.

The amount you make is determined by the number of course materials you have published and the number of students who get access to your copyright protected digital course materials in every semester. Let’s say you have published two online learning courses and 50 students registered to take your courses in all the four  quarters. Our contract agreement stipulates that the University should always pays out every 15% of the revenue collected from every single student; and every student is supposed to pay ETB 1,800 per course (ETB 600 per credit hours * 3 credit Hours). Now, in order to get your gross payout check you need to multiply (2 Coursesa * ETB 1800 Per Course * 50 Students * 4 Terms x 15/100). The result shows you will get a minimum of 108,000 ETB per year. If you have a TIN number, you only need to pay (ETB 2,160) 2% Tax of your gross revenue. Thus, your annual net pay will be ETB 105,840.

Because our policy allows you to get paid as much as the number of students who learn from your digital course content, you have a probability to make as high as 540,000(2 Courses * ETB 1,800 Per Course * 250 Students * 4 Terms x 15/100)or even more depending the number of students we register year after year. Our preliminary market research of course shows us that there is a possibility of enrolling more than 250 students in every semester for every Department. If this is the case you could even make ETB 800,000 or even a million every year.  


You will get your payment at the end of every term. As we will accept students through out the year, we have four batches one in every quarter. The first quarter begins on September 1, and ends on November, 30. Thus your first quarter payment day will be on the First of December.  The detail will be given when you sign the contract with the University.

Unlike the traditional business model where the large sum of the total revenue goes to the owners, at Paradigm college, the owners will only  get as close as what professors get. While you will make 15% of the total revenue per semester (3 semesters in a year) with exponential growth, the founders will have a profit margin not exceeding 20%. 

All course materials you may publish with our college are published under your name; and you are the only owner of your own intellectual property. This is one of the coolest features of our new business model. In traditional Higher education business model, after you publish your distance learning Module and received a small one tome payment, the sole owner of your intellectual property will be the institution who publish your work.

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