Admission at Paradigm college is a simple three steps process. First Apply Online and get your free admission counseling. Second make payment. Third, get your student account and start your first online class which is your on-boarding (orientation) lesson.

Apply Online

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Pay& Enroll

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Application & Admission

Minimum Requirments

1. Basic Computer Skills

2. Smart phone, tablet or computer

3. Internet connection or mobile data

4. High school certification

 5. Mailing address Traditional distance Mode

Admission Procedures

Step 1: Submit the initial Online Application

Step 2: Contact our Admission Counselors

Step 3. Make your Payment

Step 4. Take the online orientation Courses 

Step 5. Start your first course online or hybrid


All applications should be completed and submitted online or may be attached to our email at

Initial Application and admission consultation is completely Free of charge

Supporting Documentations should be attached when requested